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Information & Anouncements
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Forum Rules
Read this forum to understand forum guidelines and procedures to post entries correctly
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Introduce Yourself
A place for all our newbies / new members to introduce themselves and greet the other members.
28 Replies not allowed, Posts are welcome. 3 years ago by Raja Mir Awais
Suggestions & Feedbacks
This is the corner where you can post your views, comments about Homeorizon.com, report broken links and also where you can suggest new topics for discussion in this forum. All your comments and suggestions are welcome.
2 1 6 years ago by Dr. Puneet
General Discussion & Private Messaging
A place where you can simply discuss and share anything which appeals to you but cannot be accommodated in any of the other headings & also you can restrict who can view your messages.
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Homeopathy: Issues & Controversies
Discuss and share your views about the various medical issues, challenges and controversies related with homeopathy. A place to answer all the skeptics belonging to homeopathy or any other background.
9 7 5 years ago by Amanda
Health Discussions
  Forum Title Posts Replies Last Activity
Healthy living and Health care
A place to discuss health, fitness, exercise, diet, nutrition, and general health management. You can discuss everything on How to Live Long and Stay Healthy.
2 4 6 years ago by friends forever
Personal Case Discussion
A place where you can discuss your personal case or health problems by experienced homeopaths.
15 18 3 years ago by sanya
Support Groups & Success Stories
Under this section you are free to discuss your experiences and success stories of homeopathic treatments with all those who are on the other side of road. This is a stage for you to share your views and support all those suffering from diseases, encouraging each other to pull yourselves through this journey.
1 2 6 years ago by enigma
Complementary & Alternative Therapies
Discuss about Complementary and Alternative system of therapies like Acupressure, acupuncture, Ayurveda, Unani, Chinese medicine, Aromatherapy, Magnetotherapy, Reiki, Naturopathy & Yoga, and their interaction with homeopathy.
3 1 5 years ago by Dr. V. Krishnamurthy
Discussing Homoeopathy Principles & Practice
An ideal place to discuss everything on homeopathy – its principles, medicines, do’s and don’ts of homeopathic treatment, its scope and limitations.
3 4 6 years ago by Sunita
Health Professional Forum
  Forum Title Posts Replies Last Activity
Professionals Talk
Discussion forum for practitioners in medical field, their challenges, responsibilities, stress and aspects of life.
9 9 4 years ago by Dr. Rashie Garg
Case discussion
Discuss your patient/cases with other homoeopathic physician on this forum.
4 6 4 years ago by BrandonW
Book Reviews
Post your views about the books you read, its contents and utility.
1 0 5 years ago by Dr. V. Krishnamurthy
Homoeopathic News & Events
Post and gain information about news and events on homeopathy and your views about them.
4 0 4 years ago by Head
Discuss about the influence of technology in Homoeopathy, Softwares in Homoeopathy, E – books, Potentisers and other instruments.
1 2 6 years ago by aude sapere
Homoeopathy Science Student Forum
  Forum Title Posts Replies Last Activity
Career Options and Job Postings
This is a place to discuss different career options for Homeopathic students and to inform each other about the new job postings. A place to share and grow.
4 7 5 years ago by SHALINI K A
Campus Life & Colleges
Discuss your college- all information about it, the courses, the latest buzz, your campus life, and the pressure of being in med-school; the Homeopathic education system, reforms needed simply anything you want to share with students from all over the world.
2 2 6 years ago by warrior
Examination Preparation Zone
Discuss on how to crack exams be it competitive or BHMS exams, your strategy, your revision notes and even your model papers, question papers. Share your experiences with your fellow students and get benefited by theirs.
2 2 6 years ago by Priya pandey
Homoeopathy Subjects
Discuss study, importance and content of homeopathic subjects – their mnemonics, important sections, quick revision etc.
3 1 5 years ago by Sunita
Problem Based Learning Centre
Participate in case discussions to enhance your knowledge.
1 1 6 years ago by Kelly Rodriguez
Research Forum
For students interested in current research works in Homeopathic Research.
1 1 6 years ago by aude sapere
Health Information & Humor
  Forum Title Posts Replies Last Activity
Health Products
Advertise or discuss about the new health products in the markets.
3 1 4 years ago by Dr. Dipankar Kapur
Health Related Web sites
Share your views on different health related websites; you can even advertise about your own website here.
1 0 6 years ago by aude sapere
Humor for Health
Who says homeopathy is boring!! Share jokes, poems, riddles, games, novels, e-books and everything which can rejuvenate and refresh our spirits.
3 3 6 years ago by warrior