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Personal Case Discussion
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A place where you can discuss your personal case or health problems by experienced homeopaths. Post New Entry  Edit My Posts  Search Posts  Today's Posts
Personal Case Discussion
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Breast cancer
hi, i am 42 yr female and i had Breast cancer stage 3 in 2006, go thru 6 chemos n 25 sittings of radiation(right breast removed)regularly going for follow ups.
by sanya (General)
3 years ago by sanya 0 4672
Kauser Khwaja
A few days ago I had mentioned about my ailment- Hernia on both sides little above my penis and much below my navel. I have this for a few months. Now this seems to be a little more swelled up. One day I had a little pain on left side, the other day on right side, but no pain after that. Ultrasound confirmed the presence of hernia. I have appointment on the 27th of Jan. with a specialist. I would request you to suggest me some homeopathic medicines in this regard. For any further questions I may be contacted here or at my email kauserkhwaja@hotmail.com Thank you very much.
by Kauser Khwaja (Homeopathy Student)
4 years ago by Kauser Khwaja 0 3864
Hair Overgrowth on face
heavy overgrowth of hair on my chin
by Khun Bee (General Student)
4 years ago by Dr. Rashie Garg 1 4404
Trigeminal Neuralgia
severe pain on one side of face.
by Rajiv Wagh (General)
5 years ago by Rajiv Wagh 0 4252
I am having appaendicolith it can be cure in homeopathy
by Arindam Mondal (General)
5 years ago by Arindam Mondal 0 4131
I am aged 60. I underawent Laminectomy 14 years ago for Lumbar disc syndrome at L4-L5as my right leg was affected. In Jan 2011 I had an MRI which shows complete protrusion of disct at L4-L5. For the past few months I am unable towalk freely. The pain is present some times at buttocks on the left side.From that point it disappears and the calf muscles experience the pain. This pain disappears and appears in the foot and ankle region.Presenty I am also suffering from dyspepsis with rumblings in the lower abdomen. would any body be kind enough tosuggest Homeo remedies and spare time to discuss the case..
by MV SESHAIAH ((Other) Related to Medical Science)
5 years ago by Sunita 1 14390
Need help in Asthma
Old Asthma to mother, need remedy in Homeopathy
by Supriya Goswami (Computer Savye)
4 years ago by Dr.sunil pandey 4 4507
Kindly suggest the remedies
A case of a lady aged 55 yrs having complaints of hair grow under the eyelids causing pain ,redness ,watering of eyes since after catarract surgery.Is it Triachiasis ? or anything else what is the treatment .She has already cauterized it for 3-4 times from opthalmic consultant.what should br the remedies?
by Dr Neha agarwal (Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner)
5 years ago by Dr Neha agarwal 0 4103
case of pregnanat lady
a lady 30 yeras old she is pregnant since 3 months was suffering from severe cutting headache , earlier she was suffering from sinusitis but by yoga she got relief what shuld i prescribe her
by dr.aruna gupta (Homeopathy Student)
6 years ago by Dr. Puneet 2 3967
Suppressed STD
Three years ago I was treated for gonorrhea with antibiotics and ever since have had pain in testicles, legs, feet, hands and inner thighs next to testicles. Right eye stays red and glassy with some p
by ecogenie (General)
6 years ago by homeodoc 1 4306
pls suggest
A lady(40yrs housewife)whenever get tensed(not bcoz of triffles but some big issues..may b of family or bad news or any other mental stress) hav lock jaws..attendents open them with force..when opened
by archana yadav (Homeopathy Student)
6 years ago by dr.aruna gupta 2 3879
Knee pain due to popliteal cyst
I have come across a patient who complains of pain in left knee only on walking. An orthopaedic surgeon diagnosed him to be a case of popliteal cyst(or Baker cyst). He explained that at times excess o
by Dr. Kuldip Singh (Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner)
7 years ago by Dr. Kuldip Singh 0 6593
Treatment for Chronic Renal failure
Is there any thing homeopathic for chronic renal failure.
by homeopath (Homeopathy Student)
7 years ago by Dr Shefali 1 4281
Greying of Hairs
Suffering from premature greying of hairs with falling in handfuls. pls help
by enigma (General)
6 years ago by usha 1 4426
Acne cure in homeopathy??
Suffering from acne, ugly looks, tried allopathy but some red spots appeared on skin. please help!!
by Sunita (Homeopathy Student)
6 years ago by Dr.Syed Ali Rumman 5 7981
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