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Hi everbody
I am a student of homeopathic medicine system.I like to thank you all to be with me in helping my study base queries.
by Raja Mir Awais (Homeopathy Student)
Introduce Yourself 3 years ago by Raja Mir Awais Replies are not allowed 4444
Breast cancer
hi, i am 42 yr female and i had Breast cancer stage 3 in 2006, go thru 6 chemos n 25 sittings of radiation(right breast removed)regularly going for follow ups.
by sanya (General)
Personal Case Discussion 3 years ago by sanya 0 4673
Teaching Homoeopathy
For over forty yers I am teaching Homoeopathy, Chinese Acupressure, Dr. Bach Flower Remedies of England. My teachings are exact and accurate. Precision is my culture.
by Dr_V_Krishnaamurthy (Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner)
Introduce Yourself 3 years ago by Dr_V_Krishnaamurthy Replies are not allowed 4299
HI EVERYONE!! GREETINGS TO EACH AND EVRY HOMOEOPATH OUT THERE!! Myself Dr Swati Rawat,completed my graduation last year(2012) from Delhi.
by SWATI RAWAT ((Other) Related to Homeopathy)
Introduce Yourself 4 years ago by SWATI RAWAT Replies are not allowed 4418
Kauser Khwaja
A few days ago I had mentioned about my ailment- Hernia on both sides little above my penis and much below my navel. I have this for a few months. Now this seems to be a little more swelled up. One day I had a little pain on left side, the other day on right side, but no pain after that. Ultrasound confirmed the presence of hernia. I have appointment on the 27th of Jan. with a specialist. I would request you to suggest me some homeopathic medicines in this regard. For any further questions I may be contacted here or at my email kauserkhwaja@hotmail.com Thank you very much.
by Kauser Khwaja (Homeopathy Student)
Personal Case Discussion 4 years ago by Kauser Khwaja 0 3865
Hair Overgrowth on face
heavy overgrowth of hair on my chin
by Khun Bee (General Student)
Personal Case Discussion 4 years ago by Dr. Rashie Garg 1 4407
Dr Arshad Ali Saeed homeopath and Repertorized Medicine Consultant
hi I am Graduate in homeopathic Medicine from University of Peshawar with distinction,A+ grade two times officially awarded and Post Graduation from London.thanks
by Dr Arshad Ali Saeed homeopath (Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner)
Introduce Yourself 4 years ago by Dr Arshad Ali Saeed Replies are not allowed 4215
Dear Mr. kampani, please mail me the reports of your daughter at dipankarkapur@hotmail.com. so that we can start for a treatment for her.
by Dr. Dipankar Kapur (Doctor / Therapist / Counsellor)
Case discussion 4 years ago by Dr. Dipankar Kapur 0 4028
for information on our health products and services please feel free to visit our website " www. kapsonshomoeopathy.com ".
by Dr. Dipankar Kapur (Doctor / Therapist / Counsellor)
Health Products 4 years ago by Dr. Dipankar Kapur 0 4784
Dr. Dipankar Kapur
hi. i am a homeopathic and naturopathy doctor. i have been practicing for the past 10 years. this year i have been awarded as the "best doctor of the year".
by Dr. Dipankar Kapur (Doctor / Therapist / Counsellor)
Introduce Yourself 4 years ago by Dr. Dipankar Kapur Replies are not allowed 4546
Hi,I am a homoeopathic student final yr,i would like to know more about homoeopathy.
by Modesty Tyngkan (Homeopathy Student)
Introduce Yourself 5 years ago by Modesty Tyngkan Replies are not allowed 3882
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