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Today's Posts
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Holistic treatment : HOMEOPATHY
Homeopathy is the best human health friendly treatment system which improves immunity rather than harming it.
by Dr.Syed Ali Rumman (Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner)
Homoeopathy Subjects 6 years ago by Dr.Syed Ali Rumman 0 5159
why do some homeopaths call themselves "classical homeopaths" while others do not use this designation. is this some type of designation or what?
by smiley (General Student)
Professionals Talk 4 years ago by Dr. Rashie Garg 5 6329
welcome mary !!
hi mary, we welcome you to this forum
by aude sapere (Homeopathy Student)
Introduce Yourself 6 years ago by aude sapere Replies are not allowed 4097
I am Mary Keating
Hello, I am new. I trained at the Burren School of Homeopathy, was a registered general nurse prior to that, speciallising in otorhinolaryngology, ICU, then became a visual art curator. Now I own and run my own cat sanctuary in Co. Limerick, Ireland. 38 cats, almost exclusively treated with homeopathy, except for one, his name is Freddy troll... I make art and write when the muse calls and the cats are all well and healthy. As I work and live in isolation, it feels good t be in contact with other homeopaths, so few understand this life i have chosen!!!
by mary keating (Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner)
Introduce Yourself 6 years ago by mary keating Replies are not allowed 2402
Nice being here

by rosejas (Homeopathy Student)
Introduce Yourself 6 years ago by rosejas Replies are not allowed 1988
Priya frm gwalior
by Priya pandey (Homeopathy Student)
Introduce Yourself 6 years ago by Priya pandey Replies are not allowed 1929
Dr. D.P.Rastogi passed away today morning
Dr. D.P.Rastogi passed away today morning, (15 Dec, 2010); Homeopathy has suffered a great loss
by Dr. Puneet (Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner)
Homeopathy: Issues & Controversies 6 years ago by dr.k.k.bibhuty 1 4541
A case of Ankylosing Spondilitis
Please look after the case and give your valuable opinion
by anirban (Doctor / Therapist / Counsellor)
Case discussion 6 years ago by Dr.Bharat Bhushan 2 5169
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Homoeopathy
Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD (Homoeopathy) ADHD usually persists throughout a person's lifetime. It is NOT limited to children. ADHD impacts works, family relations and social relationships. Definition of ADHD ADHD is a syndrome generally characterized by inattention, distractibility, impulsivity, and hyperactivity...
by Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma (Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner)
Discussing Homoeopathy Principles & Practice 6 years ago by Sunita 2 8675
Where I can have proper preparation material?
Hi I am a BHMS student and now concentrating towards studies. Does anybody know where I can have preparation material?
by Sunita (Homeopathy Student)
Examination Preparation Zone 6 years ago by Priya pandey 1 4951
i m a homoeopathic practitioner. i m very dedicated to my pathy. lets make our pathy ahead from others pathy.
by rajkumari sanakhonbi (Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner)
Introduce Yourself 6 years ago by rajkumari sanakhonbi Replies are not allowed 1913
Seminar on Value of Observation in Homeopathic Practice
C.A.S.H., New Delhi and Robert Bosch Foundation, Germany are organising Seminar cum exhibition in Jaipur on 20-21 Nov., 2010
by Dr. Puneet (Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner)
Homoeopathic News & Events 6 years ago by Dr. Puneet 0 4702
Forum Rules
To maintain a good online community please obey the below said rules
by Head (Computer Savye)
Forum Rules 6 years ago by Head Replies are not allowed 8978
What are Organic Foods?
These days we hear about Healthy food, Organic food and its benefits. but what exactly is Organic food?
by smiley (General Student)
Healthy living and Health care 6 years ago by friends forever 1 4834
Its time to support Post Graduate Homeopaths in U.P.
UP, Public Service Commission continues to ignore MD (Homeo) for posts of Teaching faculties. what more it also seemingly favors the BHMS more than the MDs.
by aude sapere (Homeopathy Student)
Career Options and Job Postings 6 years ago by warrior 5 5083
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