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Today's Posts
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The most commonly used Ayurvedic herbs
Use of Ashwagandha, Coleus forskohli, Ginger, Gotu kola and Turmeric in ayurveda.
by kaviraj sharma (Computer Savye)
Complementary & Alternative Therapies 6 years ago by friends forever 1 4401
namaskar from the aaurveda preacher
Ayurveda :: Ageneral Introduction
by kaviraj sharma (Computer Savye)
Introduce Yourself 7 years ago by kaviraj sharma Replies are not allowed 1877
Treatment for Chronic Renal failure
Is there any thing homeopathic for chronic renal failure.
by homeopath (Homeopathy Student)
Personal Case Discussion 7 years ago by Dr Shefali 1 4260
part time MD(Homeo)
can 1 do part time PG in Homeopathy
by aude sapere (Homeopathy Student)
Career Options and Job Postings 7 years ago by pratik 1 4409
Intercurrent Remedies
use of intercurrent remedy
by aude sapere (Homeopathy Student)
Professionals Talk 7 years ago by aude sapere 0 4105
Hi I am Dr. Kuldip Singh from Mohali ( Punjab). I am a private practitioner. I take deep interest in studying and updating myself with latest trends in homeopathy.
by Dr. Kuldip Singh (Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner)
Introduce Yourself 7 years ago by Dr. Kuldip Singh Replies are not allowed 1988
the nostalgia of being a student
i cherish my days as a student for a long time but i was not able to convey my feelings thanks to the team of homeorizon that they have given a nice platform to covey our feelings i will login aga
by dr kamlandra tyagi (Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner)
Campus Life & Colleges 7 years ago by dr kamlandra tyagi 0 4940
Homeopaths & Homeopathy software
Are Homeopathy practitinoers using Homeopathy software to the fullest
by pratik ((Other) Related to Homeopathy)
Professionals Talk 7 years ago by sky is d limit 1 3953
Detox therapy
Detox therapy or Detoxication therapy is a boom these days
by Traveller ((Other) Related to Homeopathy)
Health Products 6 years ago by enigma 1 3897
Greying of Hairs
Suffering from premature greying of hairs with falling in handfuls. pls help
by enigma (General)
Personal Case Discussion 6 years ago by usha 1 4405
Coping Up with Depression
Sadness is a natural phenomena but when it amounts to Depression it becomes a major problem. Coping with it requires not just medicine but a lot of Self Confidence.
by enigma (General)
Support Groups & Success Stories 6 years ago by enigma 2 5311
What else can we post other than Health n homeopathy
do we have to post only on Health & Homoeopathy subjects in this forum?
by friends forever (General Student)
Suggestions & Feedbacks 7 years ago by friends forever 0 3667
205th Birth Anniversary of H.C.Anderson
Want to read Children's stories and fairy tales such as THUMBELINA, UGLY DUCKLING, PRINCESS AND THE PEA, EMPEROR'S NEW SUIT, THE GARDEN OF PARADISE etc!!
by friends forever (General Student)
Humor for Health 7 years ago by friends forever 0 3917
Softwares in Homeopathy
These days use of Softwares for repertorisation in homeopathy has become a common thing. But which sofware to use is something one is not sure about.
by sky is d limit (Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner)
Technology 6 years ago by aude sapere 2 4872
jan Scholten's Seminar 2010
Jan Scholten's Seminar 2010 on Mineral kingdom, Plant Families, Case analysis
by sky is d limit (Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner)
Homoeopathic News & Events 7 years ago by sky is d limit 0 3727
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