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Today's Posts
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Today's Posts
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wednesdays with Rajan
i want to know about Wednesdays with Rajan Sankaran; where can i get information
by warrior (Homeopathy Student)
Homoeopathic News & Events 7 years ago by warrior 0 4019
Research in Homeopathy
How can i do research work in homeopathy
by warrior (Homeopathy Student)
Research Forum 6 years ago by aude sapere 1 5183
Jobs after BHMS
How can a BHMS graduate get job other than clinical practice
by warrior (Homeopathy Student)
Career Options and Job Postings 6 years ago by aude sapere 1 13863
Acne cure in homeopathy??
Suffering from acne, ugly looks, tried allopathy but some red spots appeared on skin. please help!!
by Sunita (Homeopathy Student)
Personal Case Discussion 6 years ago by Dr.Syed Ali Rumman 5 7956
Relation between microbes and miasm
by Dr. Tulshi ram (Homeopathy Student)
Homoeopathy Subjects 7 years ago by Dr. Tulshi ram 0 4327
A Case of Hirsuitism
What can be done in a case of Hirsuitism.
by homeodoc (Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner)
Case discussion 4 years ago by BrandonW 2 5773
i m homeopathic consultant from Chandigarh
by homeodoc (Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner)
Introduce Yourself 7 years ago by homeodoc Replies are not allowed 1668
Homeopathy and the Medicolegal Aspect
many a time we have heard of terminal patients dying while taking homeopathic treatment; resultant effect medico-legal action against homeopaths. what can we do to prevent it.
by Dr. Puneet (Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner)
Professionals Talk 7 years ago by Dr. Puneet 0 4228
How should i prepare for competitive exams
Preparing for competition is soooooooo different from professionals exam. how should i start
by aude sapere (Homeopathy Student)
Examination Preparation Zone 6 years ago by homeodoc 1 4268
Hi everyone
i am a student in health management course
by friends forever (General Student)
Introduce Yourself 7 years ago by friends forever Replies are not allowed 1625
what does Complementary and Alternative Medicine mean
Complementary and Alternative medicine are health practices beyond the realm of conventional medicines. I have read about it but please someone make me understand how we decide which practice should b
by friends forever (General Student)
Complementary & Alternative Therapies 7 years ago by friends forever 0 4218
I am Dr. Nancy Malik from Gurgaon
by Dr. Nancy Malik (Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner)
Introduce Yourself 7 years ago by Dr. Nancy Malik Replies are not allowed 1892
Some Really cool quotes for doctors everyone will enjoy
by smiley (General Student)
Humor for Health 6 years ago by warrior 2 7410
Giving up smoking isn't an event. It really hurts through the period; every time you want to run back to cigarettes. Here is a simple strategy to cope up with this pervasive habit.
by sky is d limit (Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner)
Healthy living and Health care 7 years ago by Sunita 3 4472
Single Dose Prescription OR Multi Dose Prescription???
Concept of Dosage in Homeopathy has always been dilemma. Which is right Single Dose prescription or Multi Dose Prescription???????
by warrior (Homeopathy Student)
Homeopathy: Issues & Controversies 6 years ago by 5 5992
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