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Humor for Health
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Homeopathy Student
6 years ago
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A hasya-vyang on Doctor's Malady
This is purely my own creation and not concern with any particular person, place, or thing, please take it only for humor. My poetry's title is : Aj ki taza Khabar, Aj ki taza Khabar! Seasonal Dise...

Jhumri Taliya me hui bhari barish,

Viral ne ki sansanikhej sagish,

Doctor tha saccha,

Karta Mareez Accha,

Viral ne gher,

Kiya Doctor ko dher,

103-102 par para tha chadhaya,

Doctor tha asmanjas me, kuch samajh na paya,

Akal ko le gaye the virus charaane,

Phir gharwale le gaye doctor ko dikhane,

Dusra Doctor hansa,

Aj Doctor ke yahaan ek Doctor hi phansa,

Phir bhaichare ki khatir di dawai saste me,

Hanste rahe patient jo bhi mile raste me,

Doctor ko hua rosh,

Chadha us pe doctori ka josh,

Phenk saari dawai, kari khud ki dawai,

Bhagwan ko pataya, bola khilaunga mithai,

Roko jag hansai, karo changa mere bhai,

Badi problem hai aai, Mareejon ne line lagai,

Par nahi lene ko dawai, Its only for kan-phusai,

Asatya par satya ki jeet ki deta hun duhaai,

Viral ko hara, deo bansi bajai.

Phir ek din jo hona tha hua,

Puri hui doctor ki dua,

Jin ko nahi pata tha, unko bhi hui khabar

Kyunki Doctor chillaya tha yahoooooo!!! bekhabar

Next day har newspaper ki surkhiyon me thi ye khabar,

Seasonal Diseases Ke chpete me Doctor.

Aj ki taza Khabar, Aj ki taza Khabar!

Seasonal Diseases Ke chpete me Doctor.

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