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Homoeopathic News & Events
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Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner
5 years ago
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All India Homeopathic seminar 2012(22th april)
Emergency prescribing in homeopathic treatment,Seminar on 22th april in Deoghar Jharkhand.Cheaf guest Dr.Ram Jee singh chairmain CCH . ...

Emmergencyprescribing in Homeopathic treatment!


Chief guest and mild stone of homeopath attending seminar..!!




DrS.Dhar(PrincipalMihijammedical college)

22th April2012

Location:VishnuHotel  Hadhadiyapul deogha

Weareorganizing scientificseminarto commemorate thisoccasionandalsototreasure ourselveswithnewadvancementinHomoeopathy. Ourseminarhasattracted doctorfromalloverthe country andevenfromabroad. Ourcollaboration withMihijamHomoeopathic MedicalCollegehas provedtobemoretechnically poweredsystem. Jharkhandhasremainedastateofintellectualsand hadalwaysattracted visitorsfromnationalGuruin themosttraditionalway.

DeogharItisanimportantHindupilgrimagecentre, havingin  BaidyanathTempleone  of  the  twelve ShivaJyothirlingamsinIndiaandalsooneofthe51



Placesofinterestin/around Deoghar:Satsanga Ashram,NandanPahar,Basukinath (inDumka Dist),Naulakha Mandir,RamaKrishna Mission,Tapovan,Rikhia Ashram,Shivganga,Harila Jori,TrikuthParvat,

Registration willbedoneonfirstcomefirstserve basis.



Registrationcost(includeslunch): Doctors:Rs200




For moreinformation including help contact:   Phone:   8797-856-898


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