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Personal Case Discussion
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3 years ago
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Breast cancer
hi, i am 42 yr female and i had Breast cancer stage 3 in 2006, go thru 6 chemos n 25 sittings of radiation(right breast removed)regularly going for follow ups. ...

As mentioned above  was living healthy life and satisfied with my routine life. some time feel down bt still happy. when gone yesterday for routine follow ups. my oncho find two nodules in left breast ( one is on 12'0 clock position and another is on 9'o clock position) still he said that its ill defined and as per my last year and yesterday memmography everything is ok, now he suggest me for ultrasound. can u please suggest some homeopathy medicine for that(definitely i ll go for ultrasound tomorrow but feeling little scared).  there is no pain and m nt able to feel that also.

one more thing in last month my period has started on 23rd oct and it was there till 29th oct( had ultrasound for full abdominal and transformation also, everything was ok.) last year one cyst has appeared in left ovary so taken Thuja and its vanish.


Pls suggest some homeopathy medinice

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