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Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner
6 years ago
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why prescription is not served?...

Some of the Homeopaths prescribe medicines not to publicly wheather thease the speciality ,or their own weakness not to revealed to others?

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Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner
6 years ago
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well said Sir, sometimes the doctors need to hide their prescriptions from the patients. but it is for their own betterment. the reasons being:

1. to prevent over the counter practice of homeopathy medicines. as you know homeopathy medicies are easily affordable; so if your doc tells you the medicine he has prescribed many of us would consider repeating the medicines ourselves in stead of consulting the doctor. as a result your case which was near to cure would get spoiled.

2. a homeopathic remedy is prescribed for a person as a whole and not his complaints. sometimes the doctor observes something in the patient on which he prescribes. but when the patient gets to know the remedy most of us (esp inquisitive ones) will hunt for all the information on that medicine and next time will question the doctor on his prescription. i once had a patient whom i gave sulphur for skin disease, next time he came to me and said. God how could you give me Sulphur i am not as dirty as Sulphur, i wash daily; pls change my prescription; you got it all wrong. (however on concelaing the prescription he was cured by Sulphur )

3. homeopathic remedies are individualised for every patient and not their disease like one can give Nux-vomica for many complaints starting from mental irritability to constipation and skin disease. but when the patient gets to know that same medicine is being given for skin disease and same for constipation he doubts the doctor and his knowledge. as a result he skips clinics.

now you see dear friend why we are compelled to conceal our prescriptions from the patients.

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