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Support Groups & Success Stories
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7 years ago
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Coping Up with Depression
Sadness is a natural phenomena but when it amounts to Depression it becomes a major problem. Coping with it requires not just medicine but a lot of Self Confidence....

Hi, friends, i came across this section of forum and it just occured to me to share my experiences with all of you regarding Depression. Every year so many people commit suicide cause they cannot cope up with the struggles of life. They do not have someone to lean on and they are too weak to stand alone; so they search for the easy way and commit suicide. But don't they think about the people they leave behind? Was the problem so suffocating that it could not be dealt with?

Dear Friends, not long back i too suffered from severe depression; i felt jilted i used to spend lot of time in the dark just crying or praying. at that moment ending up my life seemed the easiest path for me. I felt i was turning mad, my head felt like exploding under the pressure and then one day I woke up and promised to myself it all has to end.

I switched off my mind from the trouble and engaged myself in some constructive work which would keep my mind away from thinking. i joined a social group, started learning german, joined dance classes- in short i engaged myself in all those activities i had been wanting to do but did not have the time. and slowly everyting turned fine. Looking back i feel what a fool i was to think of ending up this life.

I shared this with you all because i want all those sad and gloomy over there to know that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL; YOU HAVE JUST TO OPEN YOUR EYES. The easiest way to deal is to talk and make friends.

So i invite you all to join this Support Group for Helping Depressed people Accept the Joys of Life. You are free to share your experiences.

Good Luck!smiley

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