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7 years ago
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Detox therapy
Detox therapy or Detoxication therapy is a boom these days...

hi all, i have read advertisememts about Detox therapy or rather Detoxication these days. I am blank about it. can someone guide me what is it? is it beneficial or harmful?

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6 years ago
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Re: Detox therapy

Detoxification is the medicinal removal of toxins present in the body.
these days boom is of using natural detox therapies like taking fruits or organic food to detoxify ourself.
Some types of detoxing are more intrusive than others. Some are less natural than others. The length and degree of

detox matters too. If you are planning a full system cleanse, it's a good idea to do that under the guidance of a

qualified detoxing practitioner, particularly if fasting.

The major detoxification therapy categories are: fasting, specific diets, vitamin therapy, colon therapy,

chelation therapy, and hyperthermia.

Detoxification therapies run the gamut from self-directed fasting to intravenously-administered synthetic drugs, and none should be undertaken without medical supervision.


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