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7 years ago
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Does the 'Law of Similars', applicable in case of disease prevention with the use of Homeopathic Remedies?
Does the 'Law of Similars', applicable in case of disease prevention with the use of Homeopathic Remedies?...

Law of Similars states: "A substance that is capable of causing a group of symptoms in a healthy person is capable of removing a group of Similar symptoms in a sick person".

Clearly Homeopathic medicines work on this basic principal, new medicines are evolved on the basis of same principle.
But in case of Homeoprophylaxis, this law does not hold, as the person who is given Homeopathic remedy is not SICK, rather this subject should be in good healthy state.
Do not take me wrong when I am objecting the use of very basic philosophy of Homeopathic system (Law of Similars) in the case of Homeoprophylaxis.
Dr Isaac Golden who is world authority on homeoprophylaxis, in his book "Vaccination & Homeoprophylaxis? A review of risks and alternatives", mentions the very definition of Law of Similars on page xvi, and then on page 156 he explains:
'However, Dr Hahnemann also noted, and practically used, another aspect of Law of Similars as it related to prevention of disease. This may be stated in one of two ways: 
(a) a substance which is capable of producing symptoms of an infectious disease, is capable of preventing these characteristic symptoms in a previously unprotected person ( for example, the remedy China is one of the preventatives of malaria, and Nosodes are other example); or
(b) a substance which is capable of removing the characteristic symptoms of an infectious disease in an infected person, is capable of preventing the characteristic symptoms of the disease in a previously unprotected person (for example, Belladonna and scarlet fever, and Pulsatilla and measles)."
There are no references for these new alternate use of Law of Similars, in his book. 
Further to reinforce these new (alternate) definitions. Dr Isaac states on page 157;
" To give a practical example of both the treatment and prevention aspects of the Law of Similars we can begin with the Dr Hahnemann's own experience with the Law of Similars. While translating Cullen's Materia Medica (a book of remedies)from English into German, he disagreed with the description of the over dose effects of Cinchona bark, which is used in treatment of malaria fevers. Being a true scientist, Dr Hahnemann took a dose of the bark, which produced fever like symptoms. Soon after, the fever subsided he took another dose, and the fever like symptoms returned and then again subsided. From his medical training he knew that the symptoms which the bark produced were similar to the fever symptoms of malaria, the disease which  the bark was used to treat. Dr Hahnemann realised that this was a practical example of Law of Similars (for treatment).
Later, when treating patients with the scarlet fever, Dr Hahnemann successfully used potencies of Belladonna  , chosen on the basis of Law of Similars. He also found that potencies of Belladonna would prevent scarlet fever, once again chosen on the basis of Law of Similars (Hahnemann S, 1801)."
From above citing of the book by Dr Isaac's work on Homeoprophylaxis, still there is no prove that Law of Similar holds true in case of Homeoprophylaxis, because in case of Homeoprophylaxis WE USE HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES TO PREVENT A  SICKNESS IN A HEALTHY PERSON. IF LAW OF SIMILAR IS TRUE THEN SYMPTOMS OF THE DISEASE SHOULD BE INDUCED IN THIS HEALTHY PERSON, BUT THIS IS NOT THE CASE!
The discussion is not about use of Homeopathic medicines to remove the symptoms of sickness in a sick person as Dr Isaac has stated in (a) & (b), the discussion is about the fact that when Homeopathic medicines are given to a healthy person these should induce symptoms of disease in him, but this does not happens in case of Homeoprophylaxis, do not mention aggravations with the use of Homeoprophylaxis this is well understood among Homeopathic community and is a totally different issue than, which is raised in this discussion.
Can we say conclusively, that Law of Similars work in case of normal Homeopathic treatments, definitely no doubt it does work, but in case of Homeoprophylaxis it does not?
If this is the case then we have to dig deep with scientific approach to work out an authentic solution for this unsolved mystery.
Here I want to clarify about my view on Homeoprophylaxis, I am a great supporter of Homeoprophylaxis, and use them in my practice as well. I have a dedicated website for this purpose:http://www.homeoprophylaxis.wellnesshp.com/index.php
Hence, in order to understand and expand on this issue this very discussion is initiated, and I do not aim to challenge the authority of any person on Homeoprophylaxis.
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