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Complementary & Alternative Therapies
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Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner
5 years ago
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These remedies are not for treatment of diseases. They are more for solving problems and overcoming difficulties in life....

Following are the first few pages of my book.  Those who want to read the complete book in pdf form may send me an e-mail.  My e-mail:  chikungunya23@yahoo.co.in  Thank you.






[Consists of thirty-eight remedies, each one

containing trace quantity of a particular wild

flower found in English forests—Discovered and

Introduced by DR. EDWARD BACH, M.B.B.S.,

M.R.C.S. of London around the year 1936.]




Raman House

Old No. 21 Kuppiah Street,

West Mambalam,

Chennai - 600 033. India

Phone: +91 9789069362

E-mail: chikungunya23@yahoo.co.in

[Results of four decades of practice,

teaching and observation in the clinic, not as a

profession but out of sheer academic interest]


Call it psychiatry, psycho-neuropharmacology,

philosophy, sociology,

H.R.D., medicine, counselling etc., etc.


the exact, accurate and one hundred percent correct solutions

or answers to all difficulties and problems faced by the

individual or society at large.


This system consists of thirty-eight remedies, each one

containing trace quantity of a non-toxic wild flower, found in

their natural habitat in the English forest. (Medicine

prepared from the cultivated flowers is not effective.) While

all the thirty-eight flowers are found together in one place called

Mount Vernonin England, most of the flowers are not to be

found anywhere else on earth in their natural habitat. (Nature

keeps her ways secret!)


Around the year 1936, Dr. Edward Bach, M.B.B.S.,

M.R.C.S., then practising in Harley Street (Hollywood of

medical doctors) London, like Gautama Buddha, abandoned

his lucrative medical practice in Harley Street and started going

into the forest and slowly discovered the therapeutic and other

effects of these flowers. The author of this book made an

exploratory study of this system of medicine with forty years of

practice and teaching. He is presenting in the following pages

the uses of Dr. Bach Remedies. A set of 39 Bach remedies are

being sold in all homoeopathic drug stores and leading

departmental stores all over the world including gulf countries.

The word ‘axiom’ means an accepted statement or

proposition regarded as being self-evidently true (Oxford).

Following are some of the axioms:


Nature constantly works toward perfection.


Nature produces in abundance.


Nature’s ways are always short.


Nature’s ways cannot be improved upon.


In the face of the above, it is reasonable to expect that

mighty Nature ought to have given a medical system by which

we should be able to cure ourselves, that too almost

instantaneously (without any detailed knowledge of pathology

etc.) without side-effects, contra-indications or habit-forming



Yes! Nature has given a complete medical system in the

form of thirty-seven wild flowers that are non-toxic; surprisingly

all these are found together in their natural habitat in a small

village called Mount Vernon among the thick forests in England.

Around the year 1936 Dr. Edward Bach, M.B.B.S., M.R.C.S.,

then practising in Harley Street, London (Hollywood of medical

doctors) abandoned his lucrative medical practice and went in

search of a better and easy medical system so that everyone

may treat and cure himself just as we take food when hungry

or cover ourselves with woollen clothes in biting cold winter.

To learn and master this subject called Dr. Bach Flower

Remedies, it is sufficient if you spend just five days (daily three

hours) with the undersigned.


Dr. Bach Flower Remedies of England

[Non-toxic and non-habit-forming]

Discovered and Introduced by

DR. EDWARD BACH, M.B.B.S., M.R.C.S. of London

around the year 1936


RESCUE REMEDY: This is one of the thirty-eight

Bach remedies.


For medical emergencies arising from traumatic causes—

serious accidents, burns and scalds, electric shock or poisons

where life is in danger, put one pill into the mouth of the victim.

Moments later,


(1) Bleeding, if any, stops almost instantaneously without a

bandage, however long or deep the cut may be.


(2) Unbearable pain is reduced to minimum.


(3) If unconscious and the body has become ice cold, pulse/

breath imperceptible, these are cured in just a minute, and

the victim gets up and walks home as if nothing has

happened (excepting, of course, fractures)––the more

danger to life, the quicker the remedy acts!


(4) In case of chemical poisons and poison-bites, the poison

gets neutralized in no time;


(5) In case of burns and scalds not only the burning pain

comes down in less than a minute but also, simultaneously,

all after-effects are prevented.


No need to repeat the dose! Just one single dose however

serious the condition of the victim may be. The more danger to

life the quicker the remedy acts! Rescue Remedy is a nearpanacea

for traumatic cases when patient may soon collapse.


 Rescue Remedy, given by mighty Nature, not only acts

as a mere first aid in trauma cases but, in most cases,

completely cures the patient (even before the time required to

reach the victim to a hospital) so that no other treatment is

required (fractures excepted). No need to repeat!

But that is not the case with other medical systems known

till date. After extensive burns if the victim goes to any qualified

and registered medical practitioner, the latter has no medicine to

prevent the after-effects of burns. At the most he would order

‘rest cure’—bleb formation taking place after a few days,

discoloration of skin and disfiguration of the part by thickening

of tissues etc.


Won’t you like to keep a phial of Rescue Remedy in

your vehicle and at home?




Surgery too is a trauma. Before a few minutes or hours

of major surgery, if one dose of Rescue Remedy is given orally

to the patient, 150 ml of blood loss is minimised. Also the

wound heals rapidly and the patient is transferred to the ward

in two days and discharged early. Without Rescue Remedy,

such conditions take 7-10 days for the patient to return home.

Dr. Mathanagopal, M.B.B.S., D.A., Anaesthetist in Govt.

Hospital, Palani in Tamil Nadu, reports:


“Thank you for introducing flower remedies. One hour

before giving anaesthesia for surgery patients, I give one pill of

Rescue Remedy (chewable).


Compared to other patients, Rescue Remedy given thus,

saves 150 to 200ml of blood loss, reduces post-surgical pain,

fever, oedema etc. Thus, there is less need for giving pain-killers

and antibiotics.


“In scorpion sting, snake-bite and other unknown poison

bites where the patient is brought in critical condition, I give one

pill orally; in addition, I dissolve five pills in half-an-ounce of

plain water, soak gauze into the solution for local application.

Moments later, pain, swelling etc., disappear magically and

much to the surprise of my colleagues.”


Sr. Claire, I.C.M., School of Deaf and Dumb, Chennai-6,

a Christian missionary health worker (ph: 09443077935) was

travelling in an omni bus from Chennai to Dindigul. To avoid

a cyclist the driver applied sudden brake and the bus skidded

to the extreme left side of the road and fell into a not so deep

pit. Soon it was a scene of screaming and crying passengers

with bleeding and pain. The driver was bleeding profusely from

head and his head fell on steering wheel and became

unconscious. Sr. Claire opened a phial of Rescue Remedy and

started putting one pill into the mouth of all the injured. Soon

the bleeding, crying etc. stopped. She put one pill into the

mouth of the driver also. Bleeding from head had stopped

completely. He regained consciousness, got up and started

walking as if nothing had happened to him! All the passengers

got down, pushed the bus to the centre of the road and

continued the journey, what would otherwise mean arrival of an

ambulance, hospitalisation of the injured, stranded passengers

waiting for another bus etc.


You are a trauma specialist with Rescue Remedy in

your pocket!



What would you get by learning and

using these remedies?


A Tamil saying is that what all we have so far learnt/studied

is only the size of a handful of sand; what we are yet to learn

is the size of our whole earth. Unfortunately, even out of the

handful of what we have learnt, more than ninety-nine per cent

is incomplete or incorrect. Supposing even a two per cent of

what we have learnt/studied is correct, we would by now be

living the life of a maharaja (emperor).


Bach Remedies enable you know the meaning, value and

significance of various things exactly and accurately. Precision

is the culture of Bach Remedies. Thus, by taking suitable Bach

Remedies all your difficulties dilute away and thus you are able

to increase your income and lifestyle.


To illustrate our claim that 99% of what all we have

studied/learnt is wrong, let us go to the following few questions

and learn how exactly Bach Remedies give the correct answers

to them:


1. What is the use of encyclopaedias?


2. How does a medical doctor get Midas touch?


3. What is the right and only solution to cure addictions?


Use of Encyclopaedias:


Almost all readers, even a college professor would say

that an encyclopaedia is a reference book to know all about a

particular thing. That use is a low-key approach.

The correct answer is something different. To prove this,

let us quote some medical cases here:


A middle-aged scottish man with pain in his left knee for

two years came to me for treatment after trying with various

specialists in vain. After listening to his complaints and looking

at him I directed him to a dentist to remove any decayed tooth

because that particular knee pain of his was due to that.


He insisted that I should see the X-ray and clinical

laboratory test reports taken on the advice of chief ortho

doctors in the city. I refused and so he went away. He

continued with drugs, physiotherapy etc. Six months after this,

he got retirement and went to his motherland Canada. There

he consulted his family physician for his knee pain. That doctor

too, after looking at him, directed him to a dentist.

When he went to the dentist, after examining the teeth the

latter asked him whether he had been having knee pain for two

years. Telling that the knee pain was due to a decayed tooth,

he removed it; the very next day his knee pain vanished



Now the question is why it was possible for the author

of this book as well as the Canadian doctor to diagnose that the

decayed tooth was the cause for his knee pain, while the

doctors in Chennai were giving drugs, recommending

physiotherapy etc. The answer is very simple. That Canadian

doctor and I have studied British Encyclopaedia of Medical

Practice (12 volumes) as a textbook. So, there is no chance

of our making wrong diagnosis; also no need to send a difficult

case to a so-called senior physician etc.


How did the author of this book come to know the exact

use of encyclopaedias?


The Bach Remedy called Cerato enabled the author to

know and learn the correct use of encyclopaedias.


From the Bach Remedy Cerato we learn that

Textbook is for passing an

examination to get a degree

or diploma.


Encyclopaedia is the

textbook for professionals to

become a wizard in their

respective field.


Real causes of diseases/sufferings of men is known by

the use of Bach Flower Remedies alone; nowhere else do

we get correct answers for our problems and sufferings.

Let us examine one of the social evils viz., ‘addiction’ and

learn as to how Bach Remedies reveal the only right solution:


Walnut is the name of one of the thirty-eight Bach

Remedies and it is for all types of addictions and bad habits i.

e., where the patient is doing one and the same bad thing

repeatedly over and over again with his fingers/hands—be

it chain smoking, drinking alcohol daily, tobacco chewing, taking

several cups of coffee/tea, thumb-chewing in children or nail

biting in elders.


Wherever we prescribed Walnut for addictions the addicts

not only gave up the habit; but on continuing the remedy these

persons started learning instrumental music or painting and soon

started performing in stages earning Rs. 500 to 1000 for each

two-hour performance as compared to their earlier income of

mere 5-7 thousand rupees that too working as an office staff for

8 hours x 30 days.


The question now before us is, “What has ‘playing

instrumental music or painting’ to do with addiction?”

In both cases, the person does one and the same thing

repeatedly over and over again with rhythmical movement

of his fingers/hand.


Smoking cigarettes or nailbiting

or taking ganja is the

‘NEGATIVE’ aspect of the

Bach Remedy Walnut.


Playing instrumental music or

painting is the ‘POSITIVE’

aspect of the same remedy.


From the above we infer that mighty Nature tells all

addicts: “I sent you on earth to learn and play instrumental

music (or painting) and earn 1-2 thousands daily. But you did

the mistake of studying science or accountancy to earn a mere

few thousand rupees once a month only. To remind you of

your job on earth I made you an addict. At least now realise

your mistake, take Walnut and start learning instrumental music

and earn a few thousand rupees for each 2-3 hour



Addiction is not a punishment given by Nature but a

chiding only.


Thus, Bach Remedies DO NOT ‘TREAT’ OR ‘CURE

human beings but change them from ‘negative’ to ‘positive’

types. On one hand Walnut enables addicts completely give up

the bad habit; on the other, it simultaneously enables them to

learn and master instrumental music/painting, irrespective of

their age.


We, therefore, call Sitar Ravishankar of North India and

Veena Gayathri of Tamil Nadu as “POSITIVE Walnut-type

persons.” Had the parents of these instrumentalists done the

mistake of discouraging their learning instrumental music and

insisted on their becoming a graduate, they would have ended

up as a diploma/degree holder and working in an office for a

mere 5-10 thousand rupees per month and later becoming the

worst addicts to alcohol, drugs etc.


From the above, we get the lesson (by the study of Bach

Remedies) that in de-addiction centres we must employ

teachers of instrumental music/painting and this alone is the only

and correct solution to cure addictions. Will the concerned

authorities wake up at least now?


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