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Personal Case Discussion
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General Student
4 years ago
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Hair Overgrowth on face
heavy overgrowth of hair on my chin...

I have a heavy overgrowth of hair on my chin and moustache.  I read on a website
and found most of the symptoms are similar ... but my main concern is the excessive growth under the chin.  Is there a cure .... whether externally or by hving an homeopathic remedy.  I live in Thailand and do not have access to a homeopath, but can buy meds thru friends in India.  You can also email me direct if u have any experience treating this kind of case.
Thank you

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Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner
4 years ago
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Re: Hair Overgrowth on face


Homeopathy can surely help in your case, but for that we need to take your detailed case. It can be due to hormonal imbalance. It would be better if you  consult a certified Homeopathic physician and discuss your case with him/her. In the mean time you can try Oleum Jacoris 3X  2 tabs 3 times daily for atleast 3 months. But its better if we can discuss your case in detail.  you can contact me at drgargrashie@gmail.com.


All the Best.

Dr. Rashie


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