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Computer Savye
7 years ago
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Hi I am Aarti Shah
To remove dry flaky dead skin...

Hi,I'm Aarti Shah a collegiate, my friend pupul tell me about this lovely homeopathic site.I love forums, on this forum I will tell you some of my beauty secrets. So today's beauty tip is:

To remove dry, flaky, dead skin:

On the wet face or anywhere on the body, apply a couple of tablespoons of sea salt, then gently massage with a wet washcloth . Focus on the T-zone and cheeks, but avoid the eye area. After  two minutes, rinse with cold water to tighten the pores.  Do this regularly, or face-creams will not penetrate.You can do this maximum once per week.


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Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner
6 years ago
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Re: Hi I am Aarti Shah

yes that is helpful, other than this you can also try for oatmeal paste and rub the skin dry. if your skin is excessively dry and flaky check out with some medical practitioner for disease diagnosis. some diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis, ichthyosis can often present with excessive scaling.

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