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5 years ago
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Homeopathic Treatment of Filaria
Filaria , Filariasis , Elephantiasis , -Cure permanently - Try it Now...

How do people get afflicted with filaria? 
The young worms can be seen in the blood near the body surface of the host or the animal in which the larvae live. When a mosquito bites an infected person at night, it takes up the larvae with the blood. These larvae develop in the mosquito, near the mouth. Then when the insectbites a man or another animal the larvae enter the wound and infect a new host. 

The adult worms live in the lymph - a body fluid. When the worms block the flow of lymph, a disease called Elephantiasis results. This disease is characterised by severe swelling of the limbs, usually the legs. Sometimes it even can affect the breast or the scrotum. 

This gross swelling in the legs and other parts of the body and the thickening of the skin due to blockage of the vessels of the lymphatic system is called Elephantiasis 

In Homoeopathy The only drugs is MERCURIOUS SULPHURICUS 10M weekly one dose  i.e. 4 dose is enough to cure this disease  try it now. 

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