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7 years ago
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Homeopaths & Homeopathy software
Are Homeopathy practitinoers using Homeopathy software to the fullest ...

I know many homeopaths who know how to use Facebooks and play famville but appear layman

when it comes to use their Homeopathic softwares ( very ironic )

It makes me feel whether the software is really so complex

But to many suprise i realise its not the software but  ignorance on part of Homeopaths

if they even know 20 % about software their practice would improve thier practiice by 80 times

 Isome of the free software available online


Open Rep  ( by Hpathy )

Free Demos ( by many companies just type free homeopathy software)

One which i use is Hompath MD

i downloaded from www.hompath.com


Thank you

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