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Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner
7 years ago
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Homeopathy and the Medicolegal Aspect
many a time we have heard of terminal patients dying while taking homeopathic treatment; resultant effect medico-legal action against homeopaths. what can we do to prevent it....

Nowadays, news of homeopath being accused of medical negligence has become common. a patient with terminal illness visits a homeopath who advices him a certain remedy; patient takes it for few days and unluckily dies. now the physician is accused of medical negligence. why did he pursue treatment and not refer him; why did he give so-and-so remedy, why did he not do this and that blah-blah.

The poor physician suffers social and professional disgrace for everything he did. Who is wrong now the physician, patient or the law?

the truth is everyone is right on their part but are ignorant about the method and consequences. On our part (physician) the mistake which we frequently do is:

we should  properly documented the case, with all reports, case proceedings; we should also get it signed from the patient that he has been prior informed about his prognosis; above all we should keep a close watch on the case and refer it as soon as we feel things going off-hand. paying heed to these would avoid such mis-happenings in your practice.

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