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Career Options and Job Postings
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Homeopathy Student
7 years ago
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Jobs after BHMS
How can a BHMS graduate get job other than clinical practice...

hi all, i want to know what are the job prospects of a homeopath graduate- especially in 3 areas: Research, Government jobs and Health management. any of you there has any idea; kindly guide me

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Homeopathy Student
6 years ago
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Re: Jobs after BHMS

hi, yes there are many options for a BHMS; the CCRH ( central council of research in homeopathy) condusts exams for research officers whose basic qualification is BHMS. Similarly State govt. and Central Govt. even UPSC advertises for Medical officers whose qulification too is BHMS. you can find notifications in newspapers. also on this link too http://www.homeorizon.com/homeopathy-jobs-services.php.

keep looking. good luck

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