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namaskar from the aaurveda preacher
Ayurveda :: Ageneral Introduction...

Dear Friends,

In my lifetime I analyze many pathys. And from my experience I found that Natural Healing has no comparision with Allopathy. Whether it is Homeopathy, accupuncture, Yunani, Color Therapy, Aroma Therapy or the vast Indian Healing Therapy - Ayurveda. In Ayurveda we found the methods of different therapies also.  As my father was a Vaidya (Doctor of Ayurveda), I saw a lot of ways to heal with and without medicine. Here I found a good ground to spread this natural therapy all over the world. I would like to call other ayurvedagyas to provide their knowledge here and enrich our community. For now... A Basic introduction to Ayurveda.....

Ayurvedic herbs are used to create remedies for various illnesses and to pacify the doshas. The basic premise of Ayurvedic medicine is that the doshas must remain in balance for the body to heal itself and to remain healthy. When one dosha becomes aggravated or begins to dominate your constitution, your health is threatened, but when you take action to bring that dosha back under control, your body can heal and strengthen itself.

Thank you All

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