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Discussing Homoeopathy Principles & Practice
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Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner
7 years ago
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Should Hahnemann's Organon be amended, revised or rewritten
Hahnemann's Organon should be Revised, Rewritten and Retested. What was true yesterday may not be true to the words always....
Recently I attended an Inter-collegiate Debate Competition where the topic was, “Is Hahnemann’s Organon as efficacious today as it was during His time?” Just being a part of the above discussion made me rethink about the status of Organon today. We know that Hahnemann helped the world understand Homeopathy and Organon; he wrote 6editions of Organon in his lifetime – there is a fair chance that maybe he would have written a 7th, 8th or 9th Edition too had he been alive. So how can we stick to Organon thinking of it as God’s words; has not the time arrived when we should revise, rewrite and reprove the principles once again. While celebrating 200th anniversary of Organon such a question is justified for we are Homeopaths and not Hahnemannians.
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Homeopathy Student
7 years ago
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Re: Should Hahnemann's Organon be amended, revised or rewritten

hi Dr.Puneet,

yes well said we are Homeopaths not Hahnemannians; i have come across many homeopaths who practice homeopathy strictly according to what is written in books, not that it is wrong but still they should also cope up with the changing demands of society. they would tell patient that we do not diagnose the disease and would ignore pathological reports. by doing so they put a question mark on our practice. they call it classical practice; but still dont we know today that at times pathological tests do help us even if to know the prognosis.

hope they understand this!!!

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