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Case discussion
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Case discussion
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Dear Mr. kampani, please mail me the reports of your daughter at dipankarkapur@hotmail.com. so that we can start for a treatment for her.
by Dr. Dipankar Kapur (Doctor / Therapist / Counsellor)
4 years ago by Dr. Dipankar Kapur 0 4027
new case
Case- 12yrs/f/49kg Difficulty in walking since 4 years Unstable gait,weakness in both lower limbs. Need help to stand from sitting position. Onset gradually progressing H/o febrile seizures till the age of 5.after that no such episodes.father had same seizures in childhood. Elder sister died with same symptoms. Obstinate,fear of darkness+,irritable. Aversion to sweets + Hot patient,want fan even in winter. Sometimes involuntary urination at night. Gaining weight. O/e- afebrile pulse 110 reg Bp 110/70 Reflexes-biceps+++,knee+++ triceps+++,ankle+++ Tremors+, incordination+,not able to do tandem walking MRI-symmetrical areas of altered intensity nvolving bilateral corona radiata, petritrigonal white matter as well as optic radiations. Inv - cpk 258 thyroid tests r normal All suggestions n comments with homeopathic treatment are welcomed.
by Dr shilpa agrawal (Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner)
4 years ago by Dr Arshad Ali Saeed 2 4664
A case of Ankylosing Spondilitis
Please look after the case and give your valuable opinion
by anirban (Doctor / Therapist / Counsellor)
6 years ago by Dr.Bharat Bhushan 2 5168
A Case of Hirsuitism
What can be done in a case of Hirsuitism.
by homeodoc (Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner)
4 years ago by BrandonW 2 5798
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