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Complementary & Alternative Therapies
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Discuss about Complementary and Alternative system of therapies like Acupressure, acupuncture, Ayurveda, Unani, Chinese medicine, Aromatherapy, Magnetotherapy, Reiki, Naturopathy & Yoga, and their interaction with homeopathy. Post New Entry  Edit My Posts  Search Posts  Today's Posts
Complementary & Alternative Therapies
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These remedies are not for treatment of diseases. They are more for solving problems and overcoming difficulties in life.
by Dr. V. Krishnamurthy (Homeopath / Homeopathy Practitioner)
5 years ago by Dr. V. Krishnamurthy 0 13113
The most commonly used Ayurvedic herbs
Use of Ashwagandha, Coleus forskohli, Ginger, Gotu kola and Turmeric in ayurveda.
by kaviraj sharma (Computer Savye)
6 years ago by friends forever 1 4424
what does Complementary and Alternative Medicine mean
Complementary and Alternative medicine are health practices beyond the realm of conventional medicines. I have read about it but please someone make me understand how we decide which practice should b
by friends forever (General Student)
7 years ago by friends forever 0 4237
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